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The administrators of the European railway infrastructure spend many millions of euros (of public funds) every year on repairing the damage caused by bad conditions on the wheels of the trains. The existence of defects in the wheels, however, implies other significant costs, such as those associated with delays caused by incidents and significant human, material and economic losses due to derailments. However, this is not due to the lack of maintenance of the railway operating companies; This is rather because even small changes in the condition of the wheel lead to extensive damage to the railway infrastructure.

AMINSA has developed DTD SYSTEM, an innovative system capable of accurately detecting defects in the wheels at the beginning, using this information to design a predictive maintenance plan.

The successful execution of Phase 1 has led to the definition of a commercial model to implement the DTD System as a service and reach the EU market, establishing strategic alliances with interested parties, users and commercial suppliers. Our general objective in Phase 2 is to implement advanced demonstrations of DTD SYSTEM units in the most complex and demanding conditions, as well as to develop the necessary tools to introduce the DTD system in the railway market.

European commission.


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Call for expression of interest (EOI) for hardware suppliers (Until  May 31-2019)

Call for expression of interest (EOI) for hardware suppliers (Until  June 29-2019)

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