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AMINSA - Agrupación Mediterránea de Ingeniería S.A.
Areas of Activity Environment

The hydraulics and hydrology area covers the whole design and execution project, including preliminary studies and planning, elaboration of basic construction and assistance to quality control projects and direction of the projected works. An important chapter is represented by the in-house development of hydrological behaviour simulation models.

Within the environment area, the actions related to the evaluation and correction of environmental impacts are included, with special emphasis on the impact caused by Public Works where we have participated in the study, project, execution or exploitation phase.
Water sampling ICA Network – CHJ

Main Specialities

  • Hydraulic Resources
  • Hydrological Plannning
  • Infrastructures Project
  • Turbinate & Sampling Stations
  • Water Quality
  • Supply & Irrigation Networks
  • Channellings
  • Deposits
  • Treatment Stations
  • Physical Environment
  • Environmental Impact
Significant Works
   C.P. Regulation works for the recharge of winter excess in Belcaire river (Vall d'Uxó, Castellón)
   Works for the Action Plan before Flood Risks in the Valencia Region (PATRICOVA)
   Water resources evaluation in snow basins (Programme ERHIN - DGOH)
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