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AMINSA - Agrupación Mediterránea de Ingeniería S.A.
Areas of Activity Urban Planning

The Urban Planning area covers the whole design and execution project, including preliminary studies and planning, elaboration of basic construction and assistance to quality control projects and direction of the projected works.
Improvement of accesses Teulada from N-322

Main Specialities

  • General Plans
  • Partial Plans
  • Sectorial Plans
  • Urban Projects
Significant Works
   Study on the operation of vehicle traffic and improved Proposal TT.MM. Carcaixent
   W.M. Project of necessary works for the road ordination of Avenida del Puerto - Valencia
   D.C.S. Improvement of accesses to Teulada from N-332 and conditioning of CV-743 Moraira - Teulada
   D.S.C. and Coordination. Improvement of the old Campolivar urbanisation (Godella)
   T.A. Urbanisation of the main entrance to Park La Pinada. L'Eliana
   T.A. W.M. East Ronda in L'Eliana. Avenida Antic Regne (L'Eliana)
   W.M. Ordination of the road axis in the Natural Park of La Albufera. Improvement of accesses to Pinedo
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