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AMINSA - Agrupación Mediterránea de Ingeniería S.A.
Areas of Activity IT

In the past years, the development of IT solutions for the implementation of typical civil engineering actions has become a strategic element.

For this reason, the department keeps the applications available in the market up to date, both for internal use and for the task of external consulting. On the other hand, AMINSA has been developing personalised solutions in several fields of engineering for over 10 years.
Management ICA Network. CHJ

Main Specialities

  • GIS Applications on ArcInfo
  • Calculation Programmes of Physical-Mathematical Models
  • Structures Calculations
  • Hydraulic Calculations
  • Layout Calculations
  • Support to the Rest of Departments
Significant Works
   Programmes for the management of the ICA Network (Integral Water Quality Network) in the Júcar Hydrographical Basin
   GIS applications on ArcInfo with different uses: Hydrological balance, water quality diagnose, flood risk, etc.
   CAESAR Programme for flood prevision on the Ebro river in the section between Castejón and Zaragoza
   ASTER Programme: Hydrological model for simulation in snow basins.
   ATAP Programme to resolve specific questions related to prestressed concrete, containment structures and buried structures
   Programme for the data management of the ERDF scheme in the River Basin Authorities of Júcar, Segura and Ebro
   Programmes for spill control in the Júcar River Basin Authority
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